Another New Blogging Engine

This blog tends to get updated… sporadically. I get the energy to post more often and that generally results in transferring the content from one blog engine to another - sometimes the new blog doesn’t even get a new post. This time, I’m changing from wordpress to octopress, living in GitHub pages and I guess, once again, I’ll pledge to post more often.


  • I can hack away on posts in Sublime Text 2 and deploy them whenever I’m ready.
  • I can write my posts in markdown which is great.
  • I found a great octopress plugin for sublime which is really handy and to which I’ve been able to contribute some changes and features to.
  • Octopress and Jekyll are in ruby, ST2 plugins are in python and the existing templates use LESS. A nice change to my day-to-day life as a PHP developer to hack around in some new technologies.
  • Performance of effectively static media via GitHub pages is much better than loading pages through wordpress’ database driven structure. See if you can tell when I changed the hosting arrangement in the graph below.


  • I actually really liked wordpress’ stats available through JetPack. I’ve set up Google Analytics, but while it’s probably a better product, it’s just not as friendly.
  • Wordpress has so many themes available. This is possibly a benefit though - I used to get analysis paralysis in attempting to decide which one to use.

Let’s see how I go. Hereby pledging (once again) to post more often, keeping it technical.